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Google friendly Websites

By Cam |

SEO seems like this complicated formula… but it’s actually very simple. Google friendly websites explained. Most importantly, to show up on the first page of your targeted keywords be authentic, have an easy to navigate website, and publish relevant content, to create a google friendly website. If you’re wondering about what else you can be doing…

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How to Find Inspiration For Your New Website

By Cam |

When it comes time for a new website one of the first steps I take is gathering inspiration. Gathering inspiration will help you clarify your style and vibe before taking any action on the website design itself.

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Website Security – Help is Here

By Cam |

How to make sure your website is secure. Reality check! You’ve put all your energy into getting an amazing website and you’re telling your story to the world. That’s nice. But…. there is more to this story, sadly. The reality is, there are people out there that want to bring your site to its knees.…

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Don’t make this mistake with Images

By Cam |

Optimising Images for your Website is very important. So I’ve just added an image right here and it comes with its own file name and lots of information about its size and what type of file it is. All very nice, but what does it mean? What relevance do website image sizes have? What happens…

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Creating a Website Outline

By Cam |

What’s the number one goal of your website? What do you want to accomplish with your site? What do you want your website visitors to DO when they get to your site? What’s that top priority? Most of my clients want to build relationships with their visitors, which requires time and nurturing. It doesn’t mean you…

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By Cam |

Let’s Simplify Your Toolkit because… finding the right tools and resources can get overwhelming with so many options. I like to find and share simple solutions for the necessary needs of running an online business. Sometimes it’s a tool I’ve used for my own business or one I’ve used for a client, but always it’s…

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How to add a blog post to WordPress

By Cam |

1 Log Into Your WordPress Dashboard Then navigate to the left-hand side and click Posts. Once that page loads, click Add New. I use Beaver Builder but you won’t want to use that for blog posts, disable the page builder by clicking the Use standard Editor Button. 2 Add your title and copy Add your…

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Oh My, Copywriting

By Cam |

How do you know if you should hire a copywriter or DIY? After all, we can all write, right? Well…..yes, true. BUT. How well do you know your ideal client? How well do you know your own business? Did you know there is an enormous amount of sales in copywriting? Writing and marketing are two…

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5 Quick Tips for Time Management

By Cam |

1. Weekly Planner One of the lessons I have learned is no matter how much I love all things digital, I STILL LOVE PAPER! There is no replacement for a good desk planner and a ballpoint pen. My planner allows me to see quickly how my day/week is looking, just like a good weather forecast…

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Website Tips and Lingo

By Cam |

Homepage Homepage –  Your first and primary piece of real estate in the website world.  This is where your visitors land first. It has to be good. Remember you have about 3 secs to capture your audience’s attention. That’s it. Boom! three. seconds. Most people are visual, so give yourself 10 points for adding a…

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SEO and WHY?

By Cam |

What is SEO anyway? SEO involves making certain website designs and content that make your site more attractive to search engines.…

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