How to Find Inspiration For Your New Website

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How to Find Inspiration For Your New Website

When it comes time for a new website one of the first steps I take is gathering inspiration. Gathering inspiration will help you clarify your style and vibe before taking any action on the website design itself.

As a website designer, I step my design clients through this process of gathering inspiration for their new brand and website as a part of their preparation. This along with a strategy session ensures I see their vision for the design from the very start.

I'm going to walk you through how to find inspiration for your brand new website:

It's true, there are a plethora of resources available to find inspiration for your new brand, Pinterest is my go-to. So many styles and ideas, did you know it also includes recommendations based on your activity?

Step 1 : Create your own Pinterest board.

Do you already have a Pinterest board? I highly recommend going through this process with a blank slate. Create a new board and title it something like  Website Inspiration or Website Ideas!

Step 2 : Start exploring and pinning all that you see & love.

Don't worry, we'll streamline this later. Just for now, I want you to go on pinning as much as you like. Search for things like minimalist website design or branding design or beautiful font pairings or trending colour palettes.

Step 3 : Organise your Pins with sections.

Create four sections inside your board titled: Colours, Fonts, Logos, Websites. Then in each of these sections, move your favourites from the main section of your board. Only move the pins into these sections you love. Any pins that don’t make 10 out of 10, delete them from your board.

Step 4 : Use Pinterest’s More Ideas feature.

Open each section and click More ideas at the top of each of your board sections to find personalized recommendations inspired by the pins you’ve already saved. This will curate any new ideas or inspiration you might have missed in your first search.

Step 5 : Ok, time to streamline.

Okay, so you might have way too many pins in total for your new website design, so let's clean it up. For this step, you’ll go over each section and take out your least favourite pins. You’ll want to get each section narrowed down to just 5-10 pins.

Now you've succeeded in this process, you should have a clear idea of the style and vibe of your new website. If you’d like to explore working together on a website design project for your business, click here to get in touch.

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The simple process of getting a new website for your business.

Click this link if you’d like to download my all-inclusive checklist.

These steps outline what it takes to get your beautiful new website up and running.

This list will give you a perfect understanding of the process before hiring a designer.