STOP! Don’t build your own Website – here’s why

WordPress Website Pitfalls

If you’ve built your own website…..good on you! Well done, and if you’re happy with it… need to read this article. It won’t help you one bit. BUT if you’ve built your own website (like I did) and it’s turned into a nightmarish round of ever-increasing, do’s and don’ts and scary things that will happen if you don’t follow this rule and add this plugin or piece of code….start talking developers (gasp) big dollars and failed website traffic….SEO and why it matters etc etc… might have encountered some WordPress website pitfalls

Websites are complex beasts and if you’ve built your own, it’s quite likely you concentrated on the layout/design and none of the actual WORKINGS of a great website.

Wordpress website pitfalls showing laptop and glasses

Did you know, a website is just a business card? Static. Boom.

Marketing Websites is a Thing!

No one even knows it’s there unless you start marketing it. Have you considered how you will do that? The phones WILL NOT start ringing the day you launch your website. Have you had that experience already? I’m sorry if you have.

Added to that, Search Engines will barely recognise your website if you don’t add rich text, good SEO, and use best practice. It must not only be mobile responsive but built for mobiles first! Do you know the difference between mobile friendly and mobile responsive? Which is best?

Website Maintenance

When you decided to build your own website it’s likely you didn’t know the difference between good hosts, bad hosts, shared hosts, how to use a cPanel, what’s a platform anyway? Updates, maintenance, security, patches, SSL, plugins, speed optimisation, image compression, and on it goes!

A website is like an employee, well worth the investment and time spent in making ALL the components work for YOU! Don’t think that by building your own website, you’re saving bucket loads of money. It’s actually the opposite if your site isn’t attracting any traffic.

Web Designers know these website pitfalls

A good web designer will go through all the steps with you, explaining the initial costs and the ongoing costs of owning a website. It can be a very confusing time and quite honestly, you need to know the A-Z of your investment.

Spend some time and look for the right agency to build your site. There is so much more to a website than the design, although that’s very important. It has to WORK for you too. What goes on behind the good looking face of a watch is what makes the watch tick…..your website is the same.

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