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Let me burn the midnight oil for you.

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Proofreading stands you apart from the crowd, hardly anyone does it. Why? That's a great question. So many websites out there are looking like a foreigner built them! 

Your website needs to make an outstanding impression, first time. Your credibility and reputation are riding on excellent proofreading.

If you are interested in having a website built or upgraded and the company you’re looking at engaging has spelling errors and displays grammatical chaos on THEIR website, do you really want them building YOUR website? Good answer……you said NO, didn’t you?

This means that your website copy must be grammatically correct and free from errors. I can remove your spelling, grammar, and typographical mistakes for you, leaving you to do what you do best.

By professionally proofreading your website, you are allowing me to focus on the following areas: -

Punctuation  -  Grammar  -  Spelling  -  Sentence Structure  -  Readability

If you haven't uploaded the content to your site yet, I can edit everything in Word. If your content is on the site, you can simply copy and paste the content into a Word document to be edited.

How much will this cost?

To be fair to you, I work on word count, so if you know how many words need proofreading, just paste them into the word counter above and it will display a price immediately.  If you're not sure how many words you need, don't worry I can work it out for you. Just give me a call or send a message via the button below or if you'd like to find out about more services, click here.


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